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Frequently Asked Questions About SYL and Lacrosse in General

Q) I am new to Lacrosse, where can I get more info on how this game is played?
    A) US Lacrosse is the governing body of the sport of Lacrosse in the U.S. and an excellent source of information. Please visit their website at www.uslacrosse.org for information about the sport of Lacrosse. A great place to start is by        
        reading the US Lacrosse Nationwide Parents Guide.

Q) What are the age guidelines for boys playing on CONNY teams?

     A) Grades K-8 and born between March 1, 2002 and August 31, 2011. 
       2017 CONNY Birthday Ranges by Grade

CONNY Division

Team Grade

Birthday Range-Born




March 1, 2002 (oldest) to August 31, 2003

Likely means we will play two 8th grade team schedules, have an orange and black team based on ability and have our respective schedules align with overall team level for both teams.


September 1, 2003 (oldest) to Aug 31, 2004

We will likely play up to an lower level 8th grade team schedule.



September 1, 2004 (oldest) to Aug 31, 2005

Similar to senior, likely both teams playing a 6th grade schedule and just known as Junior…most town programs will do the same.


September 1, 2005 (oldest) to Aug 31, 2006




September 1, 2006 (oldest) to Aug 31, 2007



September 1, 2007 (oldest) to Aug 31, 2008




September 1, 2008 (oldest) to Aug 31, 2011

Inclusion of K this year will be new, but we are also likely to move to smaller fields and goals to help the transition and focus more on quality stick time rather than running on a field that is too big for this age.

*Ages not enforced as strictly.  That said, Shelton Youth Lacrosse will look at all cases where player age and grade does not align on a case by case base and try to keep players with their respective grade where feasible and in the spirit of the CONNY change. 

Q) What mail address can I send registrations to?

     A) All SYL player registrations are done through this site as well as payment via credit card. 



Q) I took some pictures at the last game or practice, how can I get them added to the website?

     A)  Please crop and enhance your pictures with your PC software first, then upload them to an online picture hosting service like Flickr or Google's Picasa Web. Once you have created your album online, send the embedded link to our Web Site Administrator, Kevin Kellogg at . We will then add a link from our site to your online picture album.


Q) I have a used piece of LAX gear that I no longer need and would like to offer it to other parents and players, how can I do this?
      A) Post your item on the Exchange page of our website. Simply click the button and fill out the form. Add a picture of the item if you can. When you hit SUBMIT please wait, it takes about 10-15 seconds to process, then you will get a message that
          your post has gone to the Web Site Admin for approval. Once it has been approved for posting, it will show up in the Exchange! You can also add free items to the exchange if you like.

Q) What is the SYL Refund Policy?

     A) SYL Maintains a No Refund Policy.